[Tutorial] Grand Chase Damage Hack Windows 7 64 bit

Follow these steps:

  • 1st Open Grand Chase.
  • 2nd Open Cheat Engine.
  • 3rd Log on with GC and attach CE To Main.exe
  • 4th Go into Practice mode Choose RONAN.
  • 5th In CE Uncheck Fast Scan and type in the numbers 16256, and hit first scan. You should get a whole mess of them.
  • 6th Go back into Practice and use Holy Bless. (Aka Ronan Magic Spell 1st).
  • 7th Type in 16281 and hit next scan. You should only get one value.
  • 8th Change the value to 16512.
  • 9th You are done! Now go dungeon!

Don’t exceed to 16512 or it will be detected [For Grand Chase Philippines]

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