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Simpsons Beta Hack v1.5 [ZM Patch]

Simpsons Beta Hack v1.5 [ZM Patch]

Simpsons Beta Hack v1.5 Hope all like it! NoRecoil can’t switched off Install this programs: Net Framework 4.0 Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package DirectX Tutorial: 1. Place the Simpsons Beta Hack.exe in the CrossFire Folder 2. You need a backup 3. Start it as admin 5. open the menu with the button Insert 6.wait in […]

[Minecraft 1.8.1] Damn That Done Button Mod

[Minecraft 1.8.1] Damn That Done Button Mod A simple mod which changes the position of the “Done” button in the controls menu. After instaling it, that damn button goes to the center bottom of the screen. Changelog: Added DTDB Updated MCP and decompiled again, should fix the crashes. Further changes in the code Rewrote the […]

[gMS v.100] Kami AA Script (Wall Check, Invisible Mob Check & Closest Mob)

[ENABLE] alloc(Teleport,512) label(TeleportRet) alloc(LootState,4) alloc(LootCount,4) label(StartLooting) label(StopLooting) label(LootRet) // Mobs alloc(RangeX,12) alloc(RangeY,12) alloc(MobState,4) label(ChangeMobState) label(StateZero) label(StateOne) label(GoodMonster) label(BadMonster) label(ContinueKami) label(MobKami) label(MobEnd) // Items alloc(ItemXYHook,128) alloc(ItemX,12) alloc(ItemY,12) label(ItemKami) label(ItemEnd) LootCount: dd #20 RangeX: dd #25 RangeY: dd #00 Teleport: push eax mov eax,[00E1A370] // Item Base mov eax,[eax+14] // Item Counter cmp eax,00 je StopLooting cmp […]

Vanerv10 No Menu Hook v1

Features: NO FALL DAMAGE SUPER JUMP PREMIUM 1&2 ALL SLOT OPEN NO RECOIL 1,2,3 SPEED HACK NO WATER 1&2 NO SPREAD FAST ALL (HFAR) NO SPAWN 1&2 NO BOUNDS 1&2 SUPER NOSPREAD MEM USER MEDIC USER AMMO Virus Scan: http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanre…eb5dfbcaa288eb http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/…37b-1315645305 Download Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/?bvwg5cg6r7boasc          

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