[Minecraft 1.9] [16x] ClipTy’s RPG Pack

Official ClipTy’s RPG Skin
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-Textures Used-
:feather: Rhodox’s Painterly Pack
:feather: XSSheep’s Real Pack
:feather: Quandary Pack
:feather: Mini Dokucraft

-The Unofficial Team-
:feather: PhanTango
:feather: MasterSorez
:feather: XSSheep
:feather: Reshi~!
:feather: its_Q



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Notice: You DO NOT need the custom patcher to use this texture pack. The only thing it is used for is to get custom water and lava.


Terrain, Items and Paintings:
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All Armors are retextured!Credit to PhanTango for the Leather armor.

To do:
:feather: Fine tuning Beta 1.8 items.
:feather: Reskinning Beta 1.9 Items.

Latest updates!
:feather: Reskinned Mooshrooms! Cute!
:feather: Mushroom biome is ready to go.
:feather: Reskinned Netherwart, gold nugget, ghast tear, glass bottle, and all of the new records.
:feather: Reskinned alchemy and enchanting tables, also reskinned enchanting table world model.


Thanks NelyBoy13!
Texture pack in action!



Download Link:

ClipTy’s RPG Pack (Blue)

ClipTy’s RPG Pack (Red)


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