iTap Tapper v1 by Ckw100

Should work with all OS that are Windows XP SP2+


  • Does not alt tap
  • minimizes in the system tray
  • Global HotKeys
  • Basic interface
  • Quick acting
  • No lag
  • Status label

Just simply run it. If you want to enable the hotkeys press the “Enable Hotkeys” button. Please be aware you cannot turn the hotkeys off after you press the button until you close the application. Do not separate the DLL from the application, it will not work without it. Press F1 key to connect and disconnect or push the buttons.


Virus Scan-
Virustotal. MD5: 7dcfc92c38700e04610e7e7455901ebd

If you cannot delete the file, look in your process tab on your task manager and end iTap_Tapper.exe process.

Download Link:

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