[HLBOT + zYanLoader] – AimBot, Basic Hack


  • Dll Undetected
  • New Injector Added
  • Old Injector Detected
  • Basic Features: (Auto-On)
    • Aimbot [Hold L-SHIFT]
    • WallHack
    • See Ghost
    • CrossHair
    • Anti Recoils
    • Anti Fall Damages
    • Anti Flash
    • Anti Smoke
    • Anti Grenades
    • Anti Weapon Weigh
    • Anti CLIP [Shoot Through Wall]
  • How to Use:
    • Make sure you had Installed vCredist_x86.
    • Use your Undetected Injectors . Automatically Inject!
    • In game You can see Crosshair then sure It works…




Re-Installing the game… that’s what you all should have done before using Any New undetected hacks

Anyways if u don’t want to reinstall it follow those steps:

  • Deactivate any currently active hacks: there are some patched hacks that do remain activated even after closing the game and even after restarting the whole windows system those hacks are like Machida Loader and CrossFire NA Loader those hacks when activated place a file named sxs.dll, u can simply open any of those hack and click: Deactivate, or just delete the damn file yourself
  • Now run the game normally with no hacks then after the X-Trap updates and finish loading Close the game
  • Now u have ur files fixed and matched with the current undetected update or u can download all game files except the rez folder [Click Here].

If your numbers unlike this image changed, then there is a new patch


Make sure u have no hidden files or folders or Extensions like (FileName.exe / FileName.dll / FileName.ini / FileName.dat / blah blah blah…)

After it’s all shown, rename both injector and the dll file the same name
for example:



Then Run the HLBOT.exe and then run the game by double clicking: CF_G4box.exe

Important Notes:
-make sure you have installed all of those: (Microsoft Links don’t need scanning)
—- FrameWork 4.0: Download Here
—- MSVC 2010 SP1: 32bit Download Here
—- MSVC 2010 SP1: 64bit Download Here
—- Direct X: Download here

NOTE: (It will not get u banned unless there is a new patch/update) but If Your Account got Blocked/Banned; then: -You need check your injector. Because X-Trap will check your injector and Give Hack Tool Error then may Ban your Account after a couple of hack tool errors ( that’s if the injector got detected).
The DLL hack never detected yet

-You can request Staff NTS to make a new Injector if Game patched it /or/ X-Trap got Updated.

Use NTS: Make sure your dll and injector in same folder and filename. [.exe & .dll files]
Auto-inject Process Name: crossfire.exe

Virus Scans (Currently Working Hack):
VirusTotal – Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
VirusTotal 2 – Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
VirusChief – Free Online Virus Scanner

ALL Credits goes to: 
[NTS]HLBOT for the hack
zYan for the Injector

Download Link: 


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