GnSy Warcraft 3 Tool 3.14

Quick Description

  • – Inventory Hotkeys
  • – Warcraft III Window mode
  • – Fullscreen’d Window mode (faster window switching, no more lagging when trying to alt tab)
  • – Mouselock
  • – Quick Messaging
  • – Garena auto clicker
  • – Garena shortcuts
  • – Hotstrings
  • – Saves settings to computer registry

  • right click the icon to see the menu
  • double click the icon to run Warcraft3 or toggle the Warcraft3 window from maximized or restored state

  • keys not yet customizable.

  • will resize the Warcraft3 window automatically

  • O to click the add skill button
  • Escape to cancel
  • U to click the add stat button

How do I use the room auto clicker?
– while logged in garena, hold ctrl and click on the room you wish to auto join. You can switch windows, it won’t touch your mouse.

Download Link:

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