[gMS v.101] SherazPIC (No Bypass Required)

SherazPIC has been updated to: [GMS v101.0]

I apologize to Blaze and my fellow GK-ers for my absence — university has kept me quite busy, however I’ve prioritized my work and have extra time which I definitely wanted to use to get re-active on GK once again. As a initial release from my absence, I’ve decided on re-releasing an updated version of SherazPIC. Most of you may already know the back story, but for the new-comers, I present you with my work:

I’m one of those people who has a kind of easy PIC, but I still get to a point of laziness where I simply don’t want to click my PIC in. I’ve created the solution to my dilemma, and possibly yours:

SherazPIC is a compact trainer which consists of PIC Typer and PIC Uncensor. These are two simple hacks, however this particular trainer does not require a bypass, therefore you can still have this convenience without waiting for the bypass. Also, please disable both functions once you have logged in, to prevent possible disconnection issues.

Check it out:

The Screen Shots: *Updated

The Virus Scan Information:

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MD5 : 96c9d67d623a173afccda42e42de4fdc
SHA1 : b9a0ba8066e9199a9ec254d2848e20e8f60b8b7c
SHA256: e11a473567ab7839ffc3b930a13e657b24853e275d0ca371c6 323852f8890841

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dowload un in

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