[gMS v.101] SherazGK – Updated Trainer (Bypass Recommended)


Hey guys!

SherazGK is an all-in-one trainer, consisting of basic memory writing and alterations for your hacking needs. This is essentially a trainer compilation of my earlier release, gkCT, however this particular trainer is more convenient and disconnects less than the cheat table. Some hacks have been disabled, however some have been re-enabled, so be sure to look closely!
*Note: You may use ANY of these hacks without a bypass, however you will crash. In order to prevent this, you can simply disable the hack once you are done using it!

The following hacks are included:

The Hacks: *Ban rates depend on location, lag amount, toggle frequency, etc.

[+] God Modes

– Anti-death (No death at HP=0)
– Full
– Infinite Blink
– Long Blink
– Block

[+] Common \ Useful

– No Skill Movement
– No Aran Skill Movement
– Face Left After Changing Channels (FLACC)
– Instant Drop
– PIC Typer + Uncensor
– Tornado Buff
– Slow Mobs
– Remove Loot Animation
– Fast Teleporting
– All Mob Knock Back
– Unlimited Attack-
– No Player Knock Back
– Client-Sided Mob Lag (Only you see mobs lag)
– Server-Sided Mob Lag (Everyone sees mobs lag)
– Fall Through Floor *Addys updated; still malfunctioning
– No Breath When Hit *Disabled for updating
– Spawn at furthest left portal each spawn
– Spawn at furthest right portal each spawn
– Disable Platform Movement
– Show Item Rank

[+] Entertainment \ Other

– Client-Sided Dark Sight (Only you can see yourself in DS)
– Cool Hit Effects *Disabled for updating
– Sit Hack

The Screen Shots:













Virus Scan:
Virus Total — Free Online Virus Scan [SherazGK]

Download Link: – Click here-

How to use SherazGK::

  • 1.) Download an injector. You can download this one, which I recommend.
  • 2.) Once downloaded, open Winject.exe by right-clicking and selecting Run as Admin. If you use Windows XP, then simply double click it.
  • 3.) Once opened, select SherazGK from the browse menu.
  • 4.) After selecting the .DLL of SherazGK, open GameLauncher.exe
  • 5.) Once MS pops-up at the splash screen, wait. Go to Winject and select Maplestory.exe from the list of processes.
  • 6.) Once selected, simply click Inject — SherazGK should pop-up by itself. You’re done!

Target Process is Protected? Look here::

This issue usually pertains to the lack of an installed package for your computer’s framework and C++ data files. Make sure you have the following (that apply to you) installed:

• Net FrameWork 3.5 Click here for the latest version of NFW 3.5!

• Net FrameWork 4 Click here for the latest version of NFW 4.0!

• C++ 2005 Redistributable Package x86 (and x64 if you are running 64bit bit PC) Click here for the 2005 x86 Redistributable package. — Click here for the 2005 x64 Redistributable package.

• C++ 2008 Redistributable Package x86 if you run 32bit OR x64 if you run 64bit Click here for the 2008 x86 Redistributable package. — Click here for the 2008 x64 Redistributable package.

• C++ 2010 Redistributable Package x86 if you run 32bit OR x64 if you run 64bit Click here for the 2010 x86 Redistributable package. — Click here for the 2010 x64 Redistributable package.

DLL Injects But Nothing Pops-Up? Follow these steps::

  • 1.) Right-click on SherazGK.dll and select Copy
  • 2.) Right-click on your desktop and select Paste
  • 3.) You will see that this item has been created: Copy of SherazGK.dll
  • 4.) Open your injector
  • 5.) Open Maplestory
  • 6.) Inject Copy of SherazGK.dll into Maplestory first (this should do nothing and pop-up nothing)
  • 7.) Now inject the original copy of SherazGK.dll (wherever you had it in the first place)




  • Rumias — Assistance with certain scripts
  • MoopleFag — Getting me started
  • The7 — Particular unique scripts
  • HackingAttempt — Creation of SherazGK

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