[gMS v.101] GG2 v0.05

Step 1: Renew/Rewrite code.
Step 2: Broaden the target audience.

Warning: Safe Mode isn’t actually “safe”… I will soon rename it to NoByPassMode. Also as with any hacks, there is no such thing as a safe hack

Packet sender has been fixed. 90% of things should now be working. I will now update a few of the bypassless hacks that have stopped working.

To clarify, this means that auto CC, map rusher and packet sender are all now working (and non of these need a bypass).

A reminder: GG2 is still relatively “young” and can/may undergo large changes. I am always open to suggestions about GUI changes or features. Sorry but suggestions for new hacks will most likely not be implemented simply because I can’t make a meso hack appear out of thin air.

This was the bug fixing release. Most bugs should now be resolved. New implementation of the save/load functions should increase efficiency of save/loading preferences.

On a side note, wall vac has been returned to the way it was before the maplestory update, The options menu is still deep in development so additional options with wall vac or any other hacks will not be released anytime soon.

Safe Mode (No BYPASS mode)
An important feature of this trainer is called safe mode. It allows the trainer to function without a bypass. To enable it simply click the Safe Mode button in the toolbar

You MUST then close maplestory and the trainer by clicking on the power button in the toolbar.

Restart maplestory and reinject. You should now see Safe Mode in the Window heading:

Congrats. You are now in safe mode.

Safe mode will only allow you to use features that requires no bypass. To see which features are available in safe mode please look under the functions section

GG2 like GGTrainer is equipped with fully dynamic pointers. In layman terms this trainer can update itself to work on any version of maplestory (ok maybe not any)! To update the trainer click on the update button in the toolbar. The toolbar is located at the very top of the trainer. There you will see an assortment of buttons with icons. If you are not sure which button is the update button, keep hovering your mouse over the icons till you read one that says update!

Change Log
[!]Most bugs have been resolved
[!]New save/load preference functions. Faster saves/loads
[!] Wallvac has been returned to it’s old form.
[!]Packet sender fixed
[-] Oh noes… packet sender and wallvac are currently broken (some other stuff are too probably but IDK)
[!]updated to work on gms101
[+] Brought back IRM. For people who read the change log… try IRM + wall vac
[!] Added new functionality to the packet sender
[!] Update no longer requires a maple-reboot
[!] Fixed several bugs

(same old, same old)
-Auto Typer/Clicker/Mouse Recorder**
-Dynamic pointers**
-Safe Mode**
-Perfect map rusher**
-Auto CC/CS**
-Auto loot/Attack/Pot**
-Legit unlimited attack
-Item filter
-Packet sender**
-some hacks
-Wall Vac**

** These features can be used within safe mode


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