[gMS v.100] GG2.oo2: Let the phase out begin

GG2 V 0.02 Pre Release Beta

Step 1: Renew/Rewrite code.

Hello everyone once again. I have finally decided to release GG2 early even though it’s development is still at a very immature stage.

This is an early release beta so don’t be too shocked if you encounter errors or such (and tbh I have never tested this trainer out for more than 30 minutes). However I have rather happy to announce that the source code for this trainer is completely fresh. Although you might think that GG2 looks a lot like it’s younger brother trainer, the code is actually completely new. Yes I did copy and paste sections but each and every line of code in this trainer has been inspected to be completely efficient and all useless/unefficient code as well as features have been removed/moved. And that is where the first stage concludes so here is the new trainer. Enjoy. (Now let’s just hope that the maintenance will not render this trainer completely useless)

More good news:
– GG2 lost weight! Woohoo, what was previously a 2.6MB DLL is now a <1MB DLL.
– Should notice a huge performance boost, it should also inject a lot faster
– GG2 now features an external MapRush list. Why’s that good new? Well remember all those unfulfilled promises I made about adding more maps onto the rush list? Well now anyone can update this list and not just me! If you would like to help and add more maps to this maprusher PM me and I can give you the general guide lines. Also I am planning to add some code to the packet editor in GG2 that will make adding more maps easier.
– Since GG2 is still deep in beta, that means not everything about GG2 is concrete yet. So if you have any suggestions or any annoyances with this trainer let me know and hopefully I can make GG2 enjoyable to use for everyone by the time it’s out of beta!

GG2 like GGTrainer is equipped with fully dynamic pointers. In layman terms this trainer can update itself to work on any version of maplestory (ok maybe not any)! To update the trainer click on the update button in the toolbar. The toolbar is located at the very top of the trainer. There you will see an assortment of buttons with icons. If you are not sure which button is the update button, keep hovering your mouse over the icons till you read one that says update!

Change Log
[+] Brought back IRM. For people who read the change log… try IRM + wall vac
[!] Added new functionality to the packet sender
[!] Update no longer requires a maple-reboot
[!] Fixed several bugs

(same old, same old)
-Auto Typer/Clicker/Mouse Recorder**
-Dynamic pointers**
-Safe Mode**
-Perfect map rusher**
-Auto CC/CS**
-Auto loot/Attack/Pot**
-Legit unlimited attack
-Item filter
-Packet sender**
-some hacks
-Wall Vac**

** These features can be used within safe mode


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