[gMS v.100.2] C-Train Bypass-Less Pro [Full VIP Version]

Here you go:

Things you should know about C-Train Bypass-Less Pro:

Currently implemented Full Map Physics Browser and Full Map Platform Browser.

Full Map Physics Analyzer:

There is only one thing that should always be on your mind. This will d/c and maybe a/b you if you abuse it with you character. It will NOT D/C if you don’t move/don’t get affected. So this is very useful for the pvac for example. Make sure you stay on a safe place activate the pvac and insert speed 99999 = Instant PVac.
You will be able to edit every aspect of MapleStory Physics:
Walk Speed, Jump Speed, Fall Speed, Slip Speed, Gravity,…

Full Map Platform Browser:

PVac should never d/c you or a/b you. cPlatShift Vac is a subversion of my MapShift Vac. It will only vac mobs on the same platform, because shifting mobs from other platforms will d/c and eventually a/b. Make sure that YOUR CHARACTER never gets vacced. If it does you should change channels to be sure. In order to avoid being teleported you should Jump instead of walking OR you vac the mobs to a non-horizontal platform. The mobs will be vacced to the platform right next to the one you have chosen but you won’t be vacced.
Plat Skip will make the platform you’re standing on skip-able. It will work like a Fall Through Floor but only on the platform you’re standing on.
You can also edit the Y values of a platform so it will be under the bottom wall. You can experiment with those things, maybe you’ll find out how to let all mobs dissappear 

The Platform Analyzer will show you a platform’s Prev/Next, X1/Y1 and X2/Y2 and let’s you edit the .WZ Data INGAME, while playing the game. It grabs the data/resources that is loaded from the .wz files into memory and shows them to you, intercepts with the data while it’s being used by Maplestory.

Of course there is a built-in Information window, on how many Platform’s exist in the map and on which one you’re standing on.
You can make your own cShift Vacs by setting the Prev and Next values to your desire, but there are some preset Vacs.

PVac Left, PVac Right, Platform PVac (PVac to a certain Platform) and PlatShift Vac to a certain Platform. You should always go to the left or right end of the platform you’re on, and use the one platform before the last one on the edge.
Standing on the edge you will be able to hit the mobs and they will be vacced right next to you. Try around with this, everything in my trainer has been implemented to grant full access to the user. You can change everything to your desire.

You can get the Platform ID you’re standing on from “Char Platform”.

Combined with my cWall Vac and rope structure you will almost have full control over Maplestory Maps. The only thing missing is the portal structure, but that one is a hard one. I’m working on it.

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