GameKiller Cheat Table

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*Note: You may use ANY of these hacks without a bypass, however you will crash. In order to prevent this, you can simply disable the hack once you are done using it!

Due to the patch, some hacks have been disabled (pointed this out in the cheat table itself). The following hacks are included and fully functional unless otherwise stated:

The Hacks:

[+] God Modes

– Anti-death (No death at HP=0)
– Full
– Infinite Blink
– Long Blink
– Miss
– Block

[+] Vacs

– Monster Mind Control (MMC) *Note: This MMC directs monsters to the character, and not to a position on the map via clicking. *Disabled for advancing
– Spawn Vac!

[+] Common \ Useful

– Disable Background Images (Tryst) *NEW
– No Skill Movement
– No Aran Skill Movement
– Face Left After Changing Channels (FLACC)
– Instant Drop
– PIC Typer
– Tornado Buff
– Slow Mobs
– Show PIC + Type PIC
– Remove Loot Animation
– Fast Teleporting
– No Breath When Hit
– All Mob Knock Back
– Perfect No-Breath *Disabled for updating
– Disable Nexon\Wizet Logo *Disabled for updating
– Unlimited Attack- No Player Knock Back
– Client-Sided Mob Lag (Only you see mobs lag)
– Server-Sided Mob Lag (Everyone sees mobs lag)
– Fall Through Floor *Addys updated, yet malfunctioning
– Spawn at furthest left portal each spawn
– Spawn at furthest right portal each spawn
– Super Tubi *Disabled for advancing
– Disable Platform Movement
– Show Item Rank – Endless Flamethrower (for Mechanics) *Disabled for updating
– Unlimited Siege Mode (for Mechanics) *Disabled for updating (Addy updated, in progress!)
– Mob Disarm

[+] Entertainment \ Other

– Client-Sided Dark Sight (Only you can see yourself in DS)
– Cool Hit Effects *Disabled for updating (Addy updated, in progress!)
– Sit Hack

The Screen Shots:

*Note: You will require a bypass to use the hacks for a prolonged time.

The Virus Scan Information:

VirusTotal – Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner


MD5 : 4657a02279a9a8ac8f17e2915c458558
SHA1 : bf6ec28bbf62bf192235f41c2ceb7225a5ceb523
SHA256: add2f5d0287190ea2fdabf34e3984edb68ed40bc05c40608e1 76d93a92501b01

Download Link:

The Tutorial: How to Use gkCT

1.) Download the latest version of Cheat Engine. You can get the latest version here.

2.) Open your Cheat Engine and click on the little folder icon at the top left — this is where you find gkCT and open it.

3.) Once opened, launch Maplestory and wait at the splash screen.

4.) Click on the little computer icon at the top left, near the folder icon you clicked earlier.

5.) Locate Maplestory.exe and click ok.

6.) Everything should be set. Click Play Game and tick the hacks to your liking!

Thank you guys ~ Enjoy and happy hacking,

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