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[gMS v.100] EXP Hack / Map Teleport

  Watch video first. Everyone be advised that I am releasing this purely on the fact that BT is going to add a lvl bot to gms soon according to biz. I don’t think it’s fair for Bizarro to profit off of this, and ruin it for all of the people who spent time finding […]

[gMS v.100.2] Map Physics Documentation

Map Structure Addy 0x00E16A40 LeftWallOffset = 0x1C (+4 Top, +8 Right, +C BottomWall) Map Info Addy 0x00E17160 Map ID Offset = 0xD30 Char X Offset = 0xB54 Char Y Offset = 0xB58 Rope Count Offset = 0xD08 (EMS = 0xC5C) Rope Structure Offset 1 = 0xD10 (EMS = 0xC60) Rope Structure Offset 2 = 0×4 […]

[gMS v.100] Kami No bypass

This is a small no-bypass kami with the basic features, possibly useless to you guys but oh well. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?fm13t911sxqm08z

[gMS v.100.2] C-Train Bypass-Less Pro [Full VIP Version]

[gMS v.100.2] C-Train Bypass-Less Pro [Full VIP Version]

Here you go: Things you should know about C-Train Bypass-Less Pro: Currently implemented Full Map Physics Browser and Full Map Platform Browser. Full Map Physics Analyzer: There is only one thing that should always be on your mind. This will d/c and maybe a/b you if you abuse it with you character. It will NOT […]