[Audition Philippines 6070] Perfect hack + Reset!

VIP Hack :

ESC (Hold): Change Mode in UBP
F5 (Hold) : Change Song, Mode And Team in Story / Story hack for 41 to 60.
F3: Chance Free/Random
F4: Insane On/Off
F7: Change IGN (Client Sided, for VIP Features like FAM IGN Change/Change other’s room title and Change other’s Couple memo)
F8: Change IGN Back to normal (To fix F7)
PageUP: Level up (Client side, for VIP Features)
PageDOWN: Level down (Client side, for VIP Features)
F9: BP/BR Reset
F11: CBP Reset
F12: UBP Reset
Pause/Break: Gender Hack
Insert: Skin Color Hack
Right Alt + Space: Score Hack (Non-VIP) / +10% Score Hack ON/OFF (VIP)
Left Alt + Space: x9999 Perfect.
Right Window: Anti Lag Map(Club MG)
– (Numpad): Great Hack ON/OFF
+ (Numpad): Perfect Hack ON/OFF for all modes.

Download Link:

Audition Philippines Bot 6070.rar

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